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Position-based mill yard and warehouse management system for recycled paper mills

YardManager Can Reduce or Stop:

Problems in production

Manual tracking of raw material

Manual stockyard inventories

Reduce Production Problems

Reduce Problems In Production

Experience real-time visibility into raw material feed during production, ensuring a consistent mix. This capability facilitates achieving a homogeneous blend and even allows predictive pulp quality assessment based on pulper input.


Real-Time Stock Data With Quality

Real-time stock data with quality

Access up-to-the-minute information on grade, quality, volume, and bale location. Seamlessly integrate quality data from sample bales, regardless of the originating quality system.


Forklift Driver Tools for Production Orders

Tools for forklift drivers to fulfill production orders

Forklift drivers maintain constant visibility of production orders and their fulfillment. The system dynamically displays map locations of appropriate bales for ongoing production orders to streamline operations.



Map-based view
to Mill Yard content


Experience enhanced mill yard and warehouse management with our innovative map-based application. Designed to cater to millyard supervisors, production planners, and more, our application provides a visual representation of your mill yard and warehouse content directly on a map interface.


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Yardmanager-Vehicle App-2



Vehicle application

  • Used in forklifts
  • Displays incoming transport for unloading
  • Displays production order 
  • Displays bales on the map with properties (quality, storage time, ...)
  • Creates transaction messages based either on signals from hardware sensors or input by vehicle drivers
  • Ability to add claims



  • Storage Balance: Inventory levels for any point of time
  • Deliveries: Incoming or internal raw material deliveries for a certain period
  • Consumption: Material Put To Conveyors
  • Machine work: Work done per vehicle






  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Real-time feed of bales to conveyor(s)
  • Claims
  • Customized Meters



Integrations with Mill Gate System, Bale Quality System, Production System, ERP, Data Analysis System, etc. also available.



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